In an industry where fast fashion is king, can ethical and sustainable fashion be stylish and affordable for the every day woman? In short, we believe it can!

Many consumers are becoming aware of fast fashion’s environmental and human impact, with the fast fashion industry currently ranking as the second most polluting industry in the world, next to big oil. (Yes you heard that right!). With this knowledge many consumers are seeking more ethical shopping choices, supporting sustainability and fair working conditions. But the big problem is finding and being able to afford more ethical choices. While we understand that being made overseas isn’t always a bad thing (There are many brands taking amazing steps towards ensuring fair and sustainable abour overseas), we believe local production still has major benefits.

Locally made clothing is still far from the norm, but we believe local production can have some major benefits:

  • Designers have more control over the quality of their garments, understanding and keep tabs on both the manufacturing and production of their garments, along with attention to detail.
  • Producing locally tends to be in smaller scope, pushing back against mass-produced fast fashion.
  • Smaller scale manufacturers make only what they need, rather than creating additional waste.
  • Manufacturing locally means shipping distances are shorter, with less fuel and less environmental impact.
  • It also means we are supporting our own economy by creating more jobs locally, and ensures our working conditions and wages are fair.

At Catching Dreams, we believe there is great value in locally made clothing. We support brands that manufacture locally, and strive to make it easy for you to do the same. Everything we carry is made in Canada from design to sewing and finishing.

Check out our amazing apparel, jewelry and accessories, all made here in Canada. Feel good about what you wear every day!