My name is Samantha, the woman behind the wardrobe at Catching Dreams! I am the owner and founder of Catching Dreams, and the looks you see in our online shop come from my own sense of style, combined with my passion for high quality, locally made, ethical fashion.

My style has always been a mix of versatile casual with a creative edge. Being a mother of two, my clothing needs to be comfortable, without sacrificing my sense of creativity and style. I have always believed that fashion is a way in which we express our unique sense of style, and celebrate our bodies. What we wear says a lot about who we are. After learning about the negative impact fast fashion is having on our earth and the people on it, I knew there was a big need for more brands, and more retailers to start moving towards a more sustainable future in fashion.  I decided to become a part of that movement.

Each piece sold in my store is hand picked by me. I am constantly on the hunt for the best conscious brands in Canada. I only carry brands that are high quality and locally manufactured, using ethical practices. I do this all while keeping the price points affordable, and the styles very wearable.

Catching Dreams is for the woman who embraces her own unique sense of style and believes that fashion can have a positive global impact. It’s for the woman who believes in supporting local businesses and brands, and chooses quality over quantity. It’s for the woman who chooses to be more mindful and conscious about what she buys.

Support Canadian brands with a bigger purpose and check out my dream wardrobe here at Catching Dreams!

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