Our Story

Good Threads is home to a collection of locally and ethically created apparel and accessories for the mindful Canadian.

Good Threads was born out of the growing need for ethically made clothing in Canada. With an increasing awareness of the negative impacts of fast fashion, Canadians are seeking better options. We’re passionate about helping you on your journey, and connecting you with ethically sourced products that are created with good in mind.

Good Threads encompasses all of the good within the fashion industry in Canada. Everything we carry is made locally with good in mind, including quality craftsmanship, respect for our ecosystems, people, and animals. We believe in the power of good, and the stories behind our products that inspire us to embrace the good within ourselves so that we can leave a lighter footprint on our planet.

Our mission is to empower Canadians to choose consciously and ignite a radical shift in our country’s fashion industry. We inspire change, empower through education, and serve Canadian women with locally made fashion that is stylish and good for the planet.

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